Musings about architecture and travel.


Remote Architects Club

What happens when architects are forced to work remotely?


The architecture of SOHO China

The real estate company founded by Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi and the architecture that transformed the skyline of Beijing and Shanghai.


Using Kanban boards in architecture production

Implementing Kanban boards to organize production work in architecture adds transparency and clarity to the process, leading to reduced stress and overwork. This article will explain you how.


Zaha Hadid Architects in China

How did Zaha Hadid Architects enter the Chinese market and become one of the most successful foreign architecture firms operating in the country


Managing the creative process in architecture: lessons learned by leading a design studio in a big architecture firm

Advice for leaders who want to make their design team happier and, consequently, produce better and more inspired work


Pier Luigi Nervi and his buildings in Rome

Three beautiful buildings from the Italian master of concrete in Rome: the Paul IV Audience Hall, the Palazzo dello Sport and the Palazzetto dello Sport


Links of notice: the power of a building, skyscrapers, and a cool hyperlapse video

An article on how (and if) buildings really shape us, the CBTUH's Year in Review is out, and a crowdsourced hyperlapse video of NYC.


The pains of being an architect: issues with architecture as a profession

Trying to recognize and understand what are the main barriers for a happier life as an architect.


Links of notice: Client expectations and our own life design

Two links to get you thinking about how clients perceive you as an architect and how our lives have already been designed.


Where do architects hangout online?

Trying to find our online "watering holes."


Hotels in Seoul for Architecture and Design Lovers

A small list of the coolest hotels in Seoul if you are into architecture and design.


Bringing new life to TFA

Changes happening and the future is promising!


Golden Kitties and views from above

This week, Product Hunt delivered their awards, Babish delighted us with another delicious video, and many cool things were pictured from up in the air.


A music map and nighttime photos of Tokyo

This week we saw the inauguration of a new building in Beijing, an amazing music map, and some eerie nighttime photos of Tokyo.


A hostel in Beijing and new shoes in Berlin

A beautiful hostel in a renovated in Beijing courtyard home, beautiful photos of an exhibition center in Austria, and new Adidas's shoes making the headlines in Berlin.


Hello 2018

Plans for 2018 and what's been going on in the architecture world the past week.


The greatest building in Hong Kong: HSBC Building by Foster+Partners

This is by far my favorite building in Hong Kong. Foster’s HSBC Building is a classic built over 30 years ago and unique until today.


Ewha Womans University: the unique work of Dominique Perrault in Seoul

The Ewha Womans University is one of the most unique and beautiful buildings I’ve ever visited.


The one building you have to visit in Seoul

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a fantastic building, a true achievement in design and construction and a must-visit in Seoul.


Must-have apps to help you schedule your photography

Trying to keep up with the sun schedule while you travel? These apps will help you with that.