Remote Architects Club

What happens when architects are forced to work remotely?

I recently launched Remote Architects Club, a site for architects to share their experiences working from home.

Two weeks ago, I set out to build this. After a few days, I had a rough version online and asked some friends to contribute. ArchDaily picked it up some days later and the reception's been great!

If you are an architect and working at a company, I hope you'll find 3 minutes to contribute. It is easy and anonymous.

Here are some of the comments currently posted:

“It's going to be bad when I have to do anything that requires a lot of computing power. My personal laptop isn't great and our VPN is slow. Other than that, it's cool. We have contact with our colleagues in other offices that we normally never talk to!” -- Austin from HENN, in Berlin

“Architecture is not a easy field to work in but in a time of crisis one would hope a responsible and reasonable response. We have recurved firings, pay cuts, bullying and harassment. ” -- Employee from TOPOTEK1, in Berlin

“I think most of the architects in Japan are still working at the office. But the company allows taking a break if he or she feels unsafe coming to the office.” -- A. from Sou Fujimoto, in Tokyo

The goal today is to have an overview of how offices around the world are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

In the long run, however, the goal is to turn it into a resource for companies willing to keep on experimenting with remote work.

As I said many times, I believe a significant part of our jobs would be fine and even benefit from remote working arrangements. This current "forced experiment" will surely soften those reluctant to try. And, hopefully, open the eyes of many for the possibilities and advantages that working from home can bring to their company and employees.

So, check it out here: and share the word! 💪