Golden Kitties and views from above

This week, Product Hunt delivered their awards, Babish delighted us with another delicious video, and many cool things were pictured from up in the air.

In today’s post, I am taking a break from architecture because I had too much of it the past days. Architecture can be a bitch of a profession, beating you up and letting you down more often than not. It is tough to keep on believing that what we are doing is ultimately for a greater good and that money is not the only thing that rules the world. Negative thoughts aside, the future is bright and sunny. There are just too many cool things going on in the world, such as:

Product Hunt’s 2017 Golden Kitty Awards

The results of Product Hunt's yearly awards came out this week and are full of goodies. They showcase the best products launched last year, as voted by users. Categories include Crypto, Lifehacks, WTF Product (one of my favorites!), among others. I am a geek at heart, early adopter of anything tech related. I visit Product Hunt almost daily and have found many gems on the site. Go check it out!

Binging with Babish: Eggs in a Nest from Lots of Stuff

Of the many Youtube channels I follow, Binging with Babish is one of the few I stop everything I am doing to go watch whenever a new episode is out. Cooking videos inspired by food from TV shows and movies, it can’t get better than that. This week’s latest episode, Eggs in a Nest from Lots of Stuff, is terrific.

Looking Down at the Decks of Massive Cruise Ships

© Jeffrey Milstein

I am a sucker for aerial photos. Be it from a satellite or a little drone, they never cease to amaze me. I have even been trying a bit with it since I got my drone last year. So much fun. This series from photographer Jeffrey Milstein shows huge cruise ships from above. I love how symmetrical and neat and small they all seem from up above, in contrast to the big mass of corridors and decks and people they really are.

Daily Overview

Lyon, via Daily Overview

Still on the topic of “views from above,” a great mailing list I love to receive every day in my inbox is Benjamin Grant’s Daily Overview. Each day, single image with a small text is delivered to your inbox to remind you of how beautiful the world is. Subscribe here.

Beijing’s New Airport

Zaha's Beijing airport in all its glory

Alright, a little bit of architecture, but only because this is crazy: Beijing’s new airport is almost done! This week we saw new photos emerge of a nearly completed main hall, looking like a colossal octopus-slash-alien splashed on the construction site. The construction is going so fast, and I can’t wait to see it in operation. Along with Leeza Soho, it is the second significant building from Zaha Hadid under construction in the city, both set to complete almost simultaneously.

Architecture on Screen


Just another architecture-related note, but only because this is super fun: ArchDaily published another series by architect and illustrator Boryana Ilieva, where she produced lovely watercolor paintings depicting some great movie sets. My favorites are Mother!’s and Call Me By Your Name’s.