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City guides and articles with the best contemporary architecture around the world. Written by an architect for architecture lovers.

City Guides

Curated guides with my selection of the most exciting new architecture in each of these cities.

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Latest Map

Before, during, and after I go in a trip, I spend a lot of time building maps with selection of buildings I wanna see. Here is the latest one.


Musings about architecture and travel.

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Where do architects hangout online?

Trying to find our online "watering holes."


Bringing new life to TFA

Changes happening and the future is promising!


Golden Kitties and views from above

This week, Product Hunt delivered their awards, Babish delighted us with another delicious video, and many cool things were pictured from up in the air.


A music map and nighttime photos of Tokyo

This week we saw the inauguration of a new building in Beijing, an amazing music map, and some eerie nighttime photos of Tokyo.

What's this?

Daniel da Rocha in Beijing

Hi! My name is Daniel and I am an architect. I also love to travel and see and experience architecture around the world.

This site is my contribution to my fellow architecture fans: a collection of guides, maps, and insights about the new architecture happening out there.

Start by checking out the guides above and the latest posts on the blog. You can also learn more about me here.

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