Bringing new life to TFA

Changes happening and the future is promising!

It might not seem like it, but I have been working hard for the past weeks on updating TFA. There is still no new content, but the updates behind the scenes were massive. There were two main reasons why I did it.


One of them was to make this site better for you. I revamped it's publishing system, going from a full-blow Wordpress setup to a brand-new Vuepress static site. This might no mean much to many of you, but you'll notice as you experience the site. It is over 50% faster, more stable, based entirely on single static HTML files. This means there is no latency when you are loading up the pages and the overall experience is much more fluid and enjoyable.


But why did I do this now? Although the site hasn't been updated in a long time, it was never dead. I'd rather say it was just "dormant". It has always been in the back of my mind how much I want to keep writing it. It is extremely enjoyable and your response has been amazing so far. I've met new friends and got warm messages from many of you, and the growing TFA Newsletter list also shows how much interest there is on the subject.

I know I promised this earlier, but this time I am sure it will be different: I recently quit my job and will try to work remotely coming next July. And writing for the TFA will be a big part of that. I have tons of planned posts and guides to put up. And the new and improved site will help me do that.


So watch out for more coming in the next weeks! Sign up the newsletter, or just check in every two weeks or so to get some news.